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Financial Consultancy Services In Pune & PCMC

Financial Consultancy Services In Pune & PCMC​

Budgeting: In consultation with house owner, will prepare detailed budget for daily operations of the property. Apart from rent, other expenses like tenant services, repairs, maintenance & administration is also included.

Capital expenditure: Ageing property commands lower rent and is becomes less attractive as ‘ROI’ diminishes. Renovation, remodeling of the asset, along with some value addition, in line with the changing trends, keeps the property in demand. GnK can handle the whole exercise.

Taxation: Qualified accountants assist the property managers in determining the expenses and giving advice how it can be capitalized or fully deducted. Certain property tax advantages could be availed by financing the old property. Of course, we also help property owners in tax filing.

Advisory: We provide consultation or advisory services to interested parties on property investments and expected ROI

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