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NRI Property Management Company In Pune & Pimpri Chinchwad (PCMC)

5 Common Misconceptions About Property Management Company
  • Only professional end-to-end NRI property management service company in Pune & PCMC
  • Expertise in all aspects of managing a property effectively – legal, financial, tax and maintenance
  • 10-year track record in managing properties of NRIs

Making the property rentable

helping in getting the restoration & repairs done, if any, in getting the property ready for rent out. This includes painting, kitchen trolleys, electrical, basic wall fittings and plumbing work etc.

Finding a suitable tenant

Handling Enquiries, Showing the best properties to interested prospects, vetting & shortlisting interested tenant, negotiating & finalizing the tenant after a police verification & background check.

Assisting with legal and societal formalities

Coordinating with advocates & tenants for legal documentation process, completing all required formalities by the Society before the tenant moves in the apartment.

Ensuring security deposit and monthly rent transfer

Coordinating with owner & tenant for the transfer of monthly rent & security deposit to owner.

Handling any issues and concerns from owners and tenants

Coordinating with tenants & owner for any concern / issue raised by them in respective property / rent / society / complaints etc.

Managing tenant exits, deposit returns and deductions for damages, if any

Discussing well in time with the tenants for ensuring timely tenant exits and getting an inspection check done of the property before the return of deposit amount for appropriate deductions.

Where We Specialize

Experienced maintenance partners at right rate and right quality

Deposit claims negotiated

Property safety taken care of

Yearly inspection of property is done to insure property remains maintained

Project marketing & sole selling

24 x 7 Support

5 Things That NRI's Need Most Help With

24/7 Maintenance

Tired of wasting your time handling repairs? Let us address maintenance on your behalf. We filter tenant requests & coordinate with in-house and preferred vendors to get the job done right.

Property Inspections

Our group conducts a frequent inspection of each rental home in our portfolio to guarantee tenants are respecting their leases. This gives unbeatable peace of mind.

Timely Rent Collection

Say goodbye to chase late lease cheque every month. Our team will handles all collection efforts on behalf of you, with earnings disbursed quickly to maintain cash flow.

Background Checks

The right tenant has a significant effect. Each application experiences thorough screening, including money-related and background verifications, to keep you ensured.

Police Verifications & Documentations

When a property is rented, the details of the tenants are to be submitted to the local police station. A tenant detail form has to be filled & submitted along with registered leave & license agreement.

Why G & K Realty Pvt. Ltd. is the best choice for NRIs?

G & K Realty Pvt. Ltd. is a privately owned company currently present across Pune, Pimpri Chinchwad (PCMC) to deliver its best property management services in PCMC & Pune, Maharashtra.

Our crisp, practical and hands-on experience to deal with property management has turned out to be very fruitful at building long-term relationships with all industry stakeholders such as property builders, tenants, and other vendors. G & K Realty Pvt. Ltd. understand the significance of giving an effective & dependable property management service which differentiates us from other property service providers in Pune & PCMC.

Our property renting experts can help you find the right tenant for your property

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Questions regarding Rental Income & Capital gain

How rental income is taxed for NRIs?

Rent earned in India is added to your overall income in India & is taxable. You can claim maintenance deductions on the rent received from your property. The rent received could be deposited in NRE or NRO account & can be transferred to another country’s bank account.

Its advisable to file your ITR in India by taking help of a competent CA.

If NRIs sell property in India, how is Capital gain taxed and how can property manager assist you with this?

Capital gain tax is part of Income Tax that everyone has to file. The buyer should deduct 20 percent TDS on the sale amount of the property. But you could apply for Lower Tax Deduction Certificate if your capital gain is less than TDS being deducted after taking into consideration the Indexed cost of acquisition of property.
You could also apply for Tax Exemption Certificate from Income Tax department in case you planning to re-invest the gains into buying new property.
We suggest that you should consult with competent CA regarding these matters since you may need help in obtaining these certificates from IT Department.

Talk to your property manager now

Most common questions that our NRI clients ask regarding property management service

Once you send us the property details & your details to us by clicking on the below button named Talk with property manager now, we will connect with you, will discuss your expectation regarding the rent & the profile of tenants. We will visit your property & send your property pics & the market rent.

We will also answer any doubts that you may have. Once, you are satisfied that the service solves the problem, we will go ahead for renting you premise.

The agreement can be signed using biometric. Alternatively, if any friend / family member of yours has your Power of Attorney to sign on behalf of you.

You may also give your POA to https://gnkrealty.com/nri-property-management-services G & K Realty Pvt. Ltd. to sign Leave and Licensee agreement on your behalf.

Yes, it is safe. The POA has limited powers of only signing the agreement & collecting rent, inspecting property etc.

We will send the draft to you & you can discuss with your trusted lawyer just for mental peace.

Our charges are very low & the money we save you in terms of maintenance & inspections pays for the fees.

Since, we reduce the time your property remains vacant that is additional money in your bank account.

Mental peace & convenience all are added value.

We have been serving NRI clients for more than 10 + years now. We have deep experience and understand NRI needs. You will love to work with us.

Yes, you will have 3 main benefits:
Peace of Mind
Better Rental Income

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